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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make corrections to shows?

Sometimes people make typos or other mistakes on uploads, or leave gaps in info that can be filled in later. You can help supply good information for archived items. Here is the current best method to submit corrections:

If you uploaded the show, you can make the changes to the details page yourself. Make sure you are logged in as the user who uploaded the show and go to the details page of the show you are trying edit. Click on the "edit" link next to the band name at the top of the details page and you will be able to edit the show details including venue, location, source, set list, etc. Be aware that editing these fields will only change the show details, not the files themselves.

If you uploaded the item and would like to replace or add to files within your item, under the current system this can be done without reuploading the entire fileset. More description may follow; meanwhile there is a walkthrough as a Word document with screenshots.

If you did not upload the show, please email the admins (etree at archive dot org), and state precisely what the problem with that particular show is. If the problem is a missing set list, please see this FAQ). If there are one or more missing or broken files that you can provide, please re-upload and re-import the entire show under a new directory name, and then email us a link to the old, broken show, asking for that show to be removed.

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